• Industrialization of the current available robust MEMS-based microGC prototype integrating the separate MEMS components in a unique embedded system, avoiding weak fittings, disturbing dead volumes and non-repeatable manufacturing steps
  • Manufacture of two different versions for each application -> stationary for continuous monitoring or laboratory analysis, and handheld for periodic on-site monitoring
  • Demonstrate performances -> under real operating conditions in collaboration with end-users
  • Demonstrate the total cost of ownsership can be significantly reduced -> test picoGC in different points of a pipeline network and making a full assessment of the potential savings in periodical control supposing picoGC instruments installed for continuous monitoring, and quantifying 1) costs reduction in odorants consumption, 2) costs reduction in mandatory reporting, since picoGC is suitable for data validation, 3) costs reduction from pipes maintenance, as failures will be detected in real-time


  • Demonstration activities with the Health, Safety and Environmental departments of end-users to prove our technology at their laboratories.
  • Field trials with not only industry operators but also authorities responsible of safety and environmental control
  • Participation to international specialized fairs to present the first complete picoGC prototype
  • Continuous update of the dedicated website according to the outcomes of the project
  • Pubblications in specialized magazines or other promotional documentations, direct mailing with industrial partners or business and innovative agencies